What are we doing?

24 Hours of Non Stop Gaming!

When is this going to happen?

June 30th 2016 Starting at 10am ending July 1st at 2pm

Who are Team Hamster?

Gareth Cole

Adam Thomas

Mike Mursell

Don Webster

Can we watch??

Sure you can!  We will have live streams throughout the event, so you can watch each individual as well as seeing us all live!

This sounds great but why are you doing this?

We’re glad you asked.

Our Friend’s (Richard Cole/thehamsterboom) main passion in life is games, if he’s not playing a game he is talking about games or researching them.

However, this year we received the news that no one wants to hear, Richard was diagnosed with cancer on 15th April and then on the 22nd we were told it was terminal.

We found out the cancer is NUT carcinoma, a rare aggressive genetic type of cancer which doctors don’t know much about and in which there are only roughly 100 registered cases on the international register held at Boston, America.

Richard has only just turned 32 and is determined to fight this for as long as he can.

His  fellow gaming buddies decided to take part (true to form) Macmillan Game Changers.

Following on from when we were given the news, Macmillan have been awesome in what to do with everyday life post diagnosis, such as occupational therapy and in helping us to modify the house for Rich to be able to move about.  They have helped us so much over the past few weeks and it is now time to give something back.

Ok I’m in how can I help???

The easiest way you can help Team Hamster is to make a donation to our Just Giving Page linked to Macmillan.  In just three weeks we have raised £830.40 of a target £1,500

Click the link and make a donation that you can afford to give, anything is appreciated.

Thanks for your Support,

Team Hamster – Don, Mike, Gareth and Adam